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E-Learning Days are here at KINGS


Digital Learning Days coming to Kings CSD #144


Kings #144 Parents, 


I am very excited to announce that Kings School district is planning an innovative approach to dealing with inclement weather and emergency days. Public Act 100-045 was signed into law on August 31st, 2017 and is linked here. This act made massive changes to education funding in Illinois, but also created flexibility in the definition of an “instructional day”. 


Starting and ending the school year on time has taken on a new level of importance to us as we work to complete projects and educational goals.  This reality, coupled with the new flexibility afforded us by the State of Illinois has led us to explore and develop a plan to incorporate “Digital Learning Days” at Kings. 


In the past, if a snow day were called, that “instructional day” was tacked on to the end of the school year. This extended the school year and often caused problems with scheduling because of our desire to schedule graduation ceremonies, testing, and other year-end events. After extensive meetings with staff, we felt that a “Digital Day” integrated during the year could be more effective than an additional day at the end of the year for many of our students. 


What is a “Digital Learning Day”?

A “Digital Learning Day” approach allows us to provide an “instructional day” even if our building is not open due to inclement weather. If the weather does not permit us to be in session, we will use one of our three preplanned “Digital Learning Days.” On these days teachers will provide students with work 2 days prior to our “Digital Learning Day.” The lesson/activity will be returned to the appropriate teacher the following Tuesday.  Internet usage is not a requirement for your student to be successful on “Digital Learning Days.”


Will this look different per grade level? 

Each teacher will develop experiences that are grade-level appropriate and ideally a continuation of what has been happening in the classroom. Examples could include reading an article about the positive effects Martin Luther King had on society or find the area of your home. At higher grade levels, many of our students are engaged in digital learning for classes utilizing google classroom or other digital platforms. 


Will students that cannot complete the work be penalized? 

It's our goal at Kings that each student receives the best education possible and a fair opportunity to accomplish all activities given to them. Lesson/activities will be sent home 2 days prior to our “Digital Days” and will be turned in 2 days after we return from our planned break. This allows students who had questions/concerns about their work to return to school, consult with their teachers, and accomplish that work that evening without being penalized for late work. 


Matthew Lamb 

District Administrator

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