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      Here at Kings we pride ourselves in going that extra mile for our

students and families. If you need to change a pickup or drop off point,

are having a birthday or slumber party we can drop them off, but the

school must be informed ahead of time by a phone call or note from

parents. If there is a need to change a drop off  or pick up point please call the school and check with me to see if this can be done without disruption of our normal bus route.

     Parents please review the bus rules with your children. It is very important that the child listen to the driver at all times, it is for their safety. If your child is sick or will not be riding the bus in the morning please call the school by 7:00 am and leave a message.  If you or your child has concerns about the bus or are having an issue please contact me here at school and I will look into the matter and take the necessary steps to correct it.


     The District provides bus transportation to students who live inside of the designated mileage range. Please direct all inquires to:


Matt Lamb


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