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Board of Education

                                                                                         Nicole Adamski                                                                                        

Board President


Todd Schabacker

Board Vice President


Dave Schabacker



Kyle Osborne

Board Member



Jake Good 

Board Member



Danielle Beck 

Board Member



Erica Sachs

Board Member



Board of Education Meeting Dates/Times




Follow this link to a list of previous Board Minutes & Agendas.

The board meeting announcements can also be found on the window near the main door of the school.



Click the link below to see the approved budget summary. The full budget may be viewed in the school's office. 



Click here to view our Report Card and you will also be able to see earlier report cards listed on the ISBE Website.

Click the link below to view the Salary and Benefits for Teachers

and Superintendent .



Click the link below to view the Teachers' Contract for between the 2014 and 2018 school years.


Click here to view the Board of Education Committees.


Kings School Local Wellness Policy






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