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The Kings School Foundation has been established to provide support for the small school environment and a quality education.  These principles include:


Support for a quality education regardless of background and ability.

Respect for, and appreciation of, the diversity of a small school.

Providing the opportunity for students to develop confidence and a desire to become contributing members of society.


The Kings School Foundation is an independent not-for-profit-tax-exempt corporation organized for the purpose of providing

A long term, self-sustaining financial program to enrich, enhance, and supplement educational opportunities beyond the 

limits of normal tax support for all students.





What is the purpose of the Kings School Foundation?

Donations received by the Foundation will be used to strengthen and supplement educational

Programs and opportunities for the students in the Kings Consolidated School


How will the Funds be spent?

Funds will be used to provide grants to the Kings Consolidated School as follows:

I. To promote excellence in teaching and learning.

II. To promote an appreciation for diversity and build skills to deal constructively with differences.

III. To encourage alliances between the Kings Consolidated School and the private sector.

IV.  To increase the involvement of families in improving the educational achievement of their children.


Who determines how the funds will be spent?

Funding decisions will be made by the Foundation's Board of Directors upon review of the applications received.


Is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes.  Your contribution to the Kings School Foundation is a tax-deductible charitable contribution for 

Federal income, gift and estate tax purposes.


May I designate how my contribution is to be spent?

Yes.  The foundation will consider both designated and undesignated funds and donations for specific projects.



There is a form in the hallway in school with more information on it.  You may also reach them by mail at;

Kings School Foundation

2551 Skare Road

Rochelle, IL 61068

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